Michael Boylan

Michael Boylan

Filmmaker, visual storyteller, photographer, writer,
musician, and surfer.
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Pennant Collective 

Sailing on The Endeavor in Nantucket.

Seven Arrows Farm

On Borrowed Time trailer

High Seas, Open Roads

Second Life Bikes

2.5 Minute Ride commercial produced, shot and edited for The Two River Theatre.

Through the Porthole documentary series for The Asbury Anchor.

Manasquan Savings Bank commercial. Shot, directed and edited. 

BMX Romance

Plot Outline

The story centers around a tomboy named Christian and her best friend, Gale, a introverted BMX-riding boy of 17. Over the course of one fall afternoon, Christian will try and show Gale her true feelings while navigating the tricky world of high school social dynamics and cool kids.


Chelsea Amoroso, Jae Anderson, Ryan Shapiro and Tom Neff

Director of Photography - Connor Hughes

Written By Michael Boylan and Rob Thorp

Screenplay By Rob Thorp

Directed By Michael Boylan


Delicious Orchards Promo 2012

The Faces of Downtown Asbury. Produced for the webzine site The Anchor. 


"The Organ Beats" music video for "Living Without You". Shot and directed by Michael Boylan.

Short film “Brotherly Love”.

Jury winner at Filmonefest 2012

California International Shorts Festival Official Selection 2012

Red Bank Charter School “Intern Program”

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